The Wait To See Who Lyoto Machida Is Pitted Against

It was Lyoto Machida who destroyed C.B. Dollaway last month at the UFC Fight Night 58 with a body kick before ending which was devastating enough. All this happened in the first round only. Even though the win doesn’t give him the immediate chance at the title, it will surely start his journey back up the line after he dropped a decision to Chris Weidman the 185-pound champion last summer.

The question that lies now are about who is the next person on the line? As the middleweight division is more like a rifle with talent, the obvious target is Luke Rockhold. Rockhold tweeted after the victory of Machida that he looked great and after Rockhold achieved the guillotine victory at the UFC Fight Night over the match against Michael Bisping last month, he tweeted to Dana White that he is ready whenever he is.

Victor Belfort who is ranked number 4th fighter on the rankings of UFC, is set to fight against Chris Weidman, the current Middleweight champ in February at UFC 184. The number 2 UFC ranker Jacare Souza is to fight against Yoel Romero at the 184. Now this leaves out Machida who is ranked 3 to appear opposite Rockhold who is number 5 as the only logical choice. Even though the fight of Machida against Tim Kennedy ranked 7th will make up for an interesting fight, the controversial loss of Kennedy to Romero makes Rockhold move to the peak of the list. This as well as the fact that Rockhold had defeated Kennedy in their Strikeforce days also makes Rockhold the preferable choice.

It doesn’t matter who is chosen to fight against Machida as at any cost it will be a very entertaining fight. The middleweight division of UFC is overflowing with talent now and there are many matches that can be made and will appear solid.

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