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Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

By giving grapplers the kind of star treatment only found in the MMA world, the professional jiu-jitsu promotion has made a name for itself as more and more MMA fighters join in the competition.

From the local smallest shows to the UFC, upcoming fighters and veterans alike are now discovering that there is money to be made in professional grappling whether you are getting punched in the face or not.

A major reason why the Fight to Win event has become so popular among fighters in the MMA is that Seth Daniels, its CEO has quite diverse knowledge on how to run a show that appeals to both fans and practitioners of combat sport. (more…)

Lyoto Machida Explains Himself About The Fight Called Off

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Lyoto Machida is a UFC champion in the light heavyweight championship category; he could not have taken the test results lightly.

Fans need to know what happened and how the drug test was failed by him before the impending fight that was scheduled to take place between him and Dan Henderson.

For those who are not in the know, Machida was to take on his opponent in the UFC Fight Night 87. The event was scheduled for Saturday evening at Tampa, Florida. This encounter would have been the second encounter between the two opponents. However, DHEA was found in his system which led to the cancellation of the fight. As Lyoto talks about it, the substance was unknowingly present in one of the supplements consumed by him. Known as the Dragon of 22-7 caliber, Lyoto did not have any intention of tampering with his system. He admits that it was unknown to him that DHEA was present in his system.

He apologized and was regretful of missing the fight which his fans were eagerly looking forward to as well as his supporters and team mates, even his own family. He issued an official statement that he was caught by surprise when the results tested him positive for the banned substance as he had been unaware of the ingredient being present in his supplement. (more…)

MetroPCS UFC 175 Preview: Lyoto Machida vs. Chris Weidman

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Lyoto Machida Online video Rating: 4 / five