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The Wait To See Who Lyoto Machida Is Pitted Against

It was Lyoto Machida who destroyed C.B. Dollaway last month at the UFC Fight Night 58 with a body kick before ending which was devastating enough. All this happened in the first round only. Even though the win doesn’t give him the immediate chance at the title, it will surely start his journey back up […]


Lyoto Machida, the former UFC light heavy weight champion has recently been defeated by Jon Jones and this match created a great deal of controversy as Jon had just left the lifeless body of Machida on the ground after the submission win. There have been talks going around saying that Jon has been highly unprofessional […]


Lyoto Machida was considered by the MMA world to be an unstoppable force not so long ago in the light heavyweight division. His first claim to fame was his fight with Thiago Silva in which he knocked him out just moments away from the end of their fight. This was in the year of 2009, […]