Lyoto Machida stands by Anderson Silva

When Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC legend Anderson Silva was hauled off for the use of performance enhancing drugs following his recent return to the promotion, it sent shockwaves down the Mixed Martial Arts world. And one man who was as surprised by the controversy as any was Lyoto Machida, Anderson’s long time friend and sparring partner.

Fans, friends and family have all rallied around the legendary Brazilian as they watched one of the most legendary careers in Mixed Martial Arts history implode and go up in flames. Anderson’s proclamations of innocence have all fallen on deaf ears with many questions remaining unanswered.

Lyoto Machida does not have the answers himself but he has stood beside his compatriot and friend and tried to help him get over the situation.

He said that he is very surprised and added that he believes that Anderson is the victim here; he is the story that will sell. He said that he prefers not to talk about this because it is a very difficult situation for Anderson Silva. He mentioned that he has a lot of confidence in his friend and he hopes he pulls through.

Machida mentioned that he is in camp right now while Anderson is in the United States and they have not spoken for some time so he actually doesn’t know what has really happened.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has already suspended Anderson before a proper punishment is handed out following a hearing of the disciplinary committee later on.

Anderson Silva is one of the greatest Mixed Martial Artists of all time and there has never been any other fighter in the UFC who is so capable of drawing such crowds for every event he headlines and according to Lyoto Machida, the truth will prevail and Anderson will be vindicated.

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