Lyoto Machida highlight video sparring with Glover Teixeira in UFC preparation at Blackhouse MMA

Lyoto Machida Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Lyoto Machida highlight video sparring with Glover Teixeira in UFC preparation at Blackhouse MMA”

  1. Jassim Albufalah says:

    the new middleweight champion 2014

  2. NateTheItalianStallion says:

    So they skip the footage of Glover boxing the hell outa Machida, okayyyyy

  3. k1ufcpride says:

    These are promo highlights for each guy to look good. That little back kick
    machida does is hella whack 

  4. Ry-J says:

    Jon jones is watching this very closely

  5. Daski69 says:

    as great as machida is, there’s a glover highlight vid of this same
    session, glover hit and took down machida multiple times

  6. highlander2107 says:

    Machida makes GLover look like trash! I don’t think Jones is very concerned
    with Glover after watching this video.

  7. Walter Caldas PERÚ says:

    Como se llama la canción, TRACK TRACK PLEASE !!!

  8. oldschoolrock4evr says:

    machida is a master

  9. ryan farhoud says:

    i know all of machida moves , shotokan on a daylee

  10. cockboy12 says:

    this video makes glover look like a human punching bag

  11. ziongite says:

    And Bas Rutten said this guy didn’t have many weapons. Ah Bas you do
    realize that Lyoto has punched, Kicked and chocked people out and he is the
    only fighter to be so skilled at avoiding being hit. Bas Rutten is a

  12. CrimeZoneVision says:

    I personally DL’d all of his fight videos and re-watched them took out the
    shotokan based strikes and then made my own video out of it to study how he
    would set them up etc.

  13. cockboy12 says:

    You’re an idiot.

  14. Agri RoadToPro says:

    I bow to you for the knowledge given to me

  15. Vinícius Botelho says:

    lyoto é fera hahaha

  16. Charlie Yang says:

    Couldn’t he just play Kazuya Mishima?

  17. opkill6 says:

    i really hope they dont go to hard in sparring for teixeras sake bc i
    really dont want him to have a glass chin by the time hes number 1 contendor

  18. Luis Junior says:


  19. Alexander Grande says:

    Hi, does anyone know the name of the song in this video?

  20. Gearstin says:

    They should put Machida in Tekken 7…

  21. Нурбек Жумабаев says:

    Urinotherapy FOREVER!!!

  22. GluttonousDragon says:


  23. Chance Vance says:

    Maybe his coaches or something but I don’t think Dan would bother trying to
    study Lyoto that much in-depth at this point of his career.

  24. VNESTRADA13 says:

    Lyoto Machida won no ?’s ask