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Elder Holmes Signs As Fight For Life

Friday, October 17th, 2014

It takes courage for somebody who has never been in the boxing ring ever to be sporty at a press conference and confirm her contesting in Fight for Life in December. It will be a promotion of boxing.

It is believed that she was exploited by Duco Event promoters. David Higgins of Duco however denied exploiting Elder Holmes. Her partner Connor Morris died in an accident. Mr. Higgins stated that Millie is a person who is straightforward and calls a spade a spade. Ms Elder Holmes states that boxing is a fine therapy and mores o after the death of Morris as is fighting for him. It is a challenge for her but she is doing for her family. The bout will act as a memory for Connor Morris.

By doing so she is coming in front of the glaring eyes of public but that is not bothering her at all. The place of her training is not confirmed by her but a friend of Morris is going to be her trainer. The partner of charity Hospice has a great influence on her life. After her father passed away, Hospice has become to be of great help. For her Hospice are like angels for her. It has been a boon for her.  Millie Elder Holmes is doing all that she can to support for a genuine and noble cause.

After going through pain and sorrow in her life she has come a long way. She has found support from her friends and family which has made her strong to move on with full force and vigour. She is confident of finding solace through her work. On a daily basis to come out of the house and train is something very special and she deserves special attention.

Miguel Cotto continues to dominate welterweight category

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Miguel Cotto is one of the most respected fighters in boxing. He is the first person of Puerto Rican descent to have won major titles in boxing. At 33 years of age he is already a national hero and the people of his country have voiced their support for him throughout his career. He was crowned as the champion in the 160 pound category recently and is tipped to fight again in 2015. But the athlete is raring to go and wishes to face some strong opponents even before that. This speaks a lot about his confidence in himself. A number of fighters have been short listed to fight against him for the title. The primary opponent for Cotto is Timothy Bradley. However the trainer of Miguel Cotto is optimistic about his success. He has lately demanded a match against Saul Canelo Alvarez. According to the trainer Cotto has not gone up against any of the top competitors since the last few months although he has been widely successful.

The World Boxing Council is considering the demand of the athlete and his trainer trying to include some match that would prove a challenge for Cotto. The last match against Kelson Pinto was a one sided affair in favor of Cotto. He was able to knockdown the opponent in very less time and completely dominated in his opponent. He took advantage of his strong built and skills disallowing any kind of upper hand to the longer opponent. Miguel Cotto has achieved success in the welterweight category as well as the middleweight category. His greatest successes include Transnational Boxing ranking board, WBC and The Ringworld Middleweight championship titles. The fans are looking forward for this fighter to achieve greater success in near future and he is keen to meet expectations.

Beth Phoenix Become Mother

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Here comes the good news for the fanatics of the bout world who keep every single piece of information about their idols in WWE and TNA. The big E aka Edge and Beth Phoenix welcomed their first child recently. Both Phoenix and Edge are having surge of congratulatory messages from their fans across the world.

But according to the comments of the insiders of the WWE, both Phoenix and Edge were involved in separate relationships and never seemed to have united from the beginning. While Edge was dating regularly Lita, the former girlfriend of another reputed fighter Matt Hardy. But soon, due to some stark differences, both of them split and headed for different ways. On the other hand Beth was also having a strong bond with fighter CM Punk. But eventually they called it quit after Punk got into some controversy. And soon after this, the followers of the bout world witnessed Beth and Edge getting together. Now after the birth of the couple’s son, it is hoped that they soon are going to walk the aisle delighting their fans.

While social networking sites have been pouring with welcoming comments of the fighter couple’s fans, Phoenix has published a twitter in her Twitter account, praising her boyfriend about his new role as father.

“Edge is an excellent dad. Our kid could not have asked for a better dad than Edge,” said the former champion of WWE Divas cheering her followers.

It is not Beth and Edge, the bout world has witnessed several couples having strong relationships. Stephannie McMahon and Triple H were the hottest couple of the WWE arena who were open about their relationship to the media right from the beginning.

Both Beth and Edge are enjoying every bit of their newfound parenthood.

Forest Griffin and Michael Bisping Face Off Each Other On Brain Games

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

One’s mind and their body are associated in numerous possible ways, of which few are much more mysterious than the others. In the episode of Brain Games, the fan will see that how their body and mind at times function together like best of friends while sometime they betray each other like enemies at their worst. Ace fighters of Ultimate Fighting Championship, Forrest Griffin and Michael Bisping have been challenged considerably, like never in the past and the supporters will have a change to see them face off each other nose to nose  in a game which apparently might look easy, but will end up leaving you dumbstruck.

Amy Bastian, a Neuroscience professor will make use of astounding interactive experiments to help the viewers identify the science and reason behind the brain body glitches, by means of which you at times move and react in way which you absolutely didn’t  comprehend.

In this episode, the viewers will see Forest Griffin and Michael Bisping face never like before challenges through the simplest movements. An array of face of challenges will be formulated for the fighters by the professor. In these challenges, Bisping and Griffin will be required to outshine each other consistently to showcase that they are equally brainy as their performances in the ring, i.e. a right combination of brawn and brains. These body masters will be taking on each other from every aspect, completely nose to nose.

Besides that the episode will also showcase few unbelievable physical tricks which the viewers can master themselves, for instance, lifting your little finger wasn’t ever that hard as it’ll be shown. As Amy Bastian gets prepared to give the two mean machines, a run for their money, they seem to be quite confident regarding their performance on the show.

Mousasi believes victory over Lyoto Machida will land him title shot

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Gegard Mousasi has long cherished a dream of fighting for a championship belt in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC and in the next few days, he will know what the future holds for him.

The Dutch Armenian fighter is a former Light Heavyweight champion at Strike Force and on the 15th of February, he will take on the former 205 lbs divisional champion Lyoto Machida at UFC Fight Night 36 in Brazil in a 185 lbs category match.

While the Brazilian made a successful debut in the Middleweight division with a win over Mark Munoz, this will be the first time that Mousasi will fight at the category since 2008 and it will also be his first Middleweight fight under the UFC.

He began his career as a Light Heavyweight in the promotion but saw the Middleweight division as his best chance of winning championship gold. And in a recent interview with The MMA Hour, the 27 year old mentioned that he believes a win against Lyoto Machida would put him in pole position to land a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Mousasi stated that getting the chance to fight Machida excites him and he added that maybe if he beats him, he will get a shot at the title because there are not too many contenders at the top of the division right now.

And this has prepared him with the mentality that he has to win the fight and that is how he will go into the match.

But whether he can defeat Lyoto Machida is another question and whether he gets a shot at the title is altogether a different proposition altogether considering he has just two fights under his belt and it would be hard to deny Machida even if he loses the fight.

Lyoto Machida says Belfort contradicts himself

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida will take on the challenge of Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night 36 in his homeland Brazil in February but the Brazilian has made it clear that it was a fight he didn’t want.

According to the Dragon, he wanted to face fellow Brazilian and Mixed Martial Arts legend Vitor Belfort.

Following quick work of Mark Munoz in his debut as a Middleweight in the UFC, Machida made it clear that he would love to take on the challenge of Belfort but the Phenom stated that Machida shouldn’t call him out because they are Brazilians.

And according to Lyoto, Belfort is someone who contradicts himself a lot; on the one hand, he says everyone should take each other on because they are professionals and they get paid to do what they do but then again, he says that he wouldn’t want to fight a Brazilian.

Lyoto Machida also mentioned Belfort is a hard guy to understand, he doesn’t know why he contradicts himself so much. The Dragon also mentioned that he doesn’t have anything against him, adding that they are good but they are professionals.

And Machida is still eager to fight Belfort as well as any other top fighter in the division once he is done with the fight against Mousasi.

He mentioned that if he has to have any hope of going to the top, there is no scope to pick and choose the fights and he has to be open to fighting the best in the business.

Belfort, according to Lyoto Machida, has done a great job and should be the rightful number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship belt, irrespective of what the outcome of the title bout between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman is.

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Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

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Anderson says he would rather walk away

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship holder Anderson Silva has just finished a seven city tour, promoting his upcoming rematch against Chris Weidman for the title at UFC 168.

And on the last day of the tour promoting the event in his native in Brazil, barely days before returning to training, the legendary fighter was asked if he would ever set up a fight against fellow Brazilian. (more…)

Even Jones cannot stop Glover Teixeira

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Glover Teixeira is seen as the next big hope for Brazil in Mixed Martial Arts. The big brawler will meet Ryan Bader in a Light Heavyweight match at UFC Fight Night 28 in his own backyard in Brazil and he knows a win in the match could earn him a shot at the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, currently held by another Brazilian Jon Jones.

Jones, on the other hand, will be putting his title on the line against Swedish fighter Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 later this month but according to former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida and fellow Brazilian, none of the two fighters have what it takes to match the talents of the youngster.

Speaking to, the Brazilian stated that he doesn’t think neither Bones nor the Swede has what it takes to get the better of Glover and on paper; he is head and shoulders above almost everyone in the division at the moment. Lyoto Machida went on to add that he believes that the youngster is the next UFC Light Heavyweight champion, mentioning that he doesn’t see anyone in the Light Heavyweight division of the promotion capable of stopping him, not even the highly celebrated talents of Jon Jones can stand up to him.

Teixeira made his debut in 2012 and has gone on to have four fights in just one year. Moreover, he has won 15 of his 21 fights as a Mixed Martial Artist via knockout in the first round and according to Machida, he is ready to go the distance and fight five rounds.

Lyoto Machida that he trains with him for long periods of time and he can see what he has like no other fighter and he knows he bound to be a success.

Lyoto Machida set to face Phil Davis at UFC 163

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

A featured bout in the Light Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC is expected at UFC 163 in Brazil when former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida takes on the challenge of former NCAA title holder Phil Davis. The card, which will feature the headlining bout between the UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo and the challenger Anthony Pettis, has already been given the verbal green light by both the fighters and it only needs the sanctioning of the UFC bosses before the official announcement.

Machida defeated Dan Henderson in his last outing inside the Octagon at UFC 157 and was expected to be given the number one contender’s slot for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, his fellow countryman Jon Jones was able to hold on to his title against Chael Sonnen and the fact that Lyoto Machida suffered a submission defeat at his hands made it extremely difficult for him to land the title shot.

Moreover, the match against Henderson was extremely close and was almost un-exciting as can be and these things conspired to bump him back in the title scenario for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Moreover, with two wins in the last one year, Davis is also seen as a contender these days and a win over the former champion would surely put him right up there among the challengers for the title.

He has looked extremely impressive inside the Octagon and if Lyoto Machida delivers a win against him, it is certain that he will be next in line for that long awaited shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. And with Machida almost certain to face Davis, Swedish fighter Alexander Gustaffson is looking likely to challenge Jon Jones for his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in the near future.