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Elder Holmes Signs As Fight For Life

Friday, October 17th, 2014

It takes courage for somebody who has never been in the boxing ring ever to be sporty at a press conference and confirm her contesting in Fight for Life in December. It will be a promotion of boxing.

It is believed that she was exploited by Duco Event promoters. David Higgins of Duco however denied exploiting Elder Holmes. Her partner Connor Morris died in an accident. Mr. Higgins stated that Millie is a person who is straightforward and calls a spade a spade. Ms Elder Holmes states that boxing is a fine therapy and mores o after the death of Morris as is fighting for him. It is a challenge for her but she is doing for her family. The bout will act as a memory for Connor Morris.

By doing so she is coming in front of the glaring eyes of public but that is not bothering her at all. The place of her training is not confirmed by her but a friend of Morris is going to be her trainer. The partner of charity Hospice has a great influence on her life. After her father passed away, Hospice has become to be of great help. For her Hospice are like angels for her. It has been a boon for her.  Millie Elder Holmes is doing all that she can to support for a genuine and noble cause.

After going through pain and sorrow in her life she has come a long way. She has found support from her friends and family which has made her strong to move on with full force and vigour. She is confident of finding solace through her work. On a daily basis to come out of the house and train is something very special and she deserves special attention.