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Miguel Cotto continues to dominate welterweight category

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Miguel Cotto is one of the most respected fighters in boxing. He is the first person of Puerto Rican descent to have won major titles in boxing. At 33 years of age he is already a national hero and the people of his country have voiced their support for him throughout his career. He was crowned as the champion in the 160 pound category recently and is tipped to fight again in 2015. But the athlete is raring to go and wishes to face some strong opponents even before that. This speaks a lot about his confidence in himself. A number of fighters have been short listed to fight against him for the title. The primary opponent for Cotto is Timothy Bradley. However the trainer of Miguel Cotto is optimistic about his success. He has lately demanded a match against Saul Canelo Alvarez. According to the trainer Cotto has not gone up against any of the top competitors since the last few months although he has been widely successful.

The World Boxing Council is considering the demand of the athlete and his trainer trying to include some match that would prove a challenge for Cotto. The last match against Kelson Pinto was a one sided affair in favor of Cotto. He was able to knockdown the opponent in very less time and completely dominated in his opponent. He took advantage of his strong built and skills disallowing any kind of upper hand to the longer opponent. Miguel Cotto has achieved success in the welterweight category as well as the middleweight category. His greatest successes include Transnational Boxing ranking board, WBC and The Ringworld Middleweight championship titles. The fans are looking forward for this fighter to achieve greater success in near future and he is keen to meet expectations.