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Beth Phoenix Become Mother

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Here comes the good news for the fanatics of the bout world who keep every single piece of information about their idols in WWE and TNA. The big E aka Edge and Beth Phoenix welcomed their first child recently. Both Phoenix and Edge are having surge of congratulatory messages from their fans across the world.

But according to the comments of the insiders of the WWE, both Phoenix and Edge were involved in separate relationships and never seemed to have united from the beginning. While Edge was dating regularly Lita, the former girlfriend of another reputed fighter Matt Hardy. But soon, due to some stark differences, both of them split and headed for different ways. On the other hand Beth was also having a strong bond with fighter CM Punk. But eventually they called it quit after Punk got into some controversy. And soon after this, the followers of the bout world witnessed Beth and Edge getting together. Now after the birth of the couple’s son, it is hoped that they soon are going to walk the aisle delighting their fans.

While social networking sites have been pouring with welcoming comments of the fighter couple’s fans, Phoenix has published a twitter in her Twitter account, praising her boyfriend about his new role as father.

“Edge is an excellent dad. Our kid could not have asked for a better dad than Edge,” said the former champion of WWE Divas cheering her followers.

It is not Beth and Edge, the bout world has witnessed several couples having strong relationships. Stephannie McMahon and Triple H were the hottest couple of the WWE arena who were open about their relationship to the media right from the beginning.

Both Beth and Edge are enjoying every bit of their newfound parenthood.