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Forest Griffin and Michael Bisping Face Off Each Other On Brain Games

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

One’s mind and their body are associated in numerous possible ways, of which few are much more mysterious than the others. In the episode of Brain Games, the fan will see that how their body and mind at times function together like best of friends while sometime they betray each other like enemies at their worst. Ace fighters of Ultimate Fighting Championship, Forrest Griffin and Michael Bisping have been challenged considerably, like never in the past and the supporters will have a change to see them face off each other nose to nose  in a game which apparently might look easy, but will end up leaving you dumbstruck.

Amy Bastian, a Neuroscience professor will make use of astounding interactive experiments to help the viewers identify the science and reason behind the brain body glitches, by means of which you at times move and react in way which you absolutely didn’t  comprehend.

In this episode, the viewers will see Forest Griffin and Michael Bisping face never like before challenges through the simplest movements. An array of face of challenges will be formulated for the fighters by the professor. In these challenges, Bisping and Griffin will be required to outshine each other consistently to showcase that they are equally brainy as their performances in the ring, i.e. a right combination of brawn and brains. These body masters will be taking on each other from every aspect, completely nose to nose.

Besides that the episode will also showcase few unbelievable physical tricks which the viewers can master themselves, for instance, lifting your little finger wasn’t ever that hard as it’ll be shown. As Amy Bastian gets prepared to give the two mean machines, a run for their money, they seem to be quite confident regarding their performance on the show.