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Lyoto Machida wouldn’t say no to Anderson Silva fight

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Lyoto Machida has claimed that he wouldn’t turn down the chance of fighting Anderson Silva if ever it came to that.

Machida, a former UFC Light Heavyweight champion said that although he would rather not have this fight but if it ever came to the point that they absolutely had to fight each other, and then he would do it because of his professionalism.

The Spider, as Anderson is known in Mixed Martial Arts circles, recently said that he wouldn’t have any problems in accepting fights against the likes of Machida or even Ronaldo Souza, although just before his rematch for the UFC Middleweight Championship against Chris Weidman last December, he had claimed that there is unwritten rule in Team Nogueira which prohibits team mates and friends from fighting against each other.

Lyoto Machida himself had claimed previously that he doesn’t want to face people who he has worked with before and are his friends. But he broke this particular rule of his when he faced off against Mark Munoz in his first match in the UFC as a Middleweight.

And now, he says he has an open mind about facing Anderson or any other friend that the UFC deems suitable for him.

He stated that this fight would be absolutely brilliant for the sport. He added that this is a fight he would want to avoid because he knows Anderson well, but as a professional fighter, he cannot think like that. Lyoto Machida added that he has to keep an open mind about it and consider it as a fight that can happen and that Anderson can be a future opponent for him and they will only be able to settle that fight inside the UFC’s Octagon if it ever came to that.