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Lyoto Machida says Belfort contradicts himself

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida will take on the challenge of Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night 36 in his homeland Brazil in February but the Brazilian has made it clear that it was a fight he didn’t want.

According to the Dragon, he wanted to face fellow Brazilian and Mixed Martial Arts legend Vitor Belfort.

Following quick work of Mark Munoz in his debut as a Middleweight in the UFC, Machida made it clear that he would love to take on the challenge of Belfort but the Phenom stated that Machida shouldn’t call him out because they are Brazilians.

And according to Lyoto, Belfort is someone who contradicts himself a lot; on the one hand, he says everyone should take each other on because they are professionals and they get paid to do what they do but then again, he says that he wouldn’t want to fight a Brazilian.

Lyoto Machida also mentioned Belfort is a hard guy to understand, he doesn’t know why he contradicts himself so much. The Dragon also mentioned that he doesn’t have anything against him, adding that they are good but they are professionals.

And Machida is still eager to fight Belfort as well as any other top fighter in the division once he is done with the fight against Mousasi.

He mentioned that if he has to have any hope of going to the top, there is no scope to pick and choose the fights and he has to be open to fighting the best in the business.

Belfort, according to Lyoto Machida, has done a great job and should be the rightful number one contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship belt, irrespective of what the outcome of the title bout between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman is.