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Lyoto Machida Wins Big at UFC on FOX

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

pay per view event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC which are marketed as UFC on FOX is not known to break all the salary caps compared to the UFC live events, but the UFC on FOX seemed to take the payments of the fighters to a whole new level as Lyoto Machida as well as Mauricio Rua walked out of their matches at the event with huge payments as well as bonuses.

Although Rua won the biggest paycheck of the night by virtue of winning his main event match, Machida was not left far behind and the deficit between their respective paychecks was more than made up when Lyoto Machida was given a shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship after its is defended by the champion Jon Jones at UFC 152.

The figures were revealed when the promoters, in this case the UFC, are compelled to submit a record of the payments made to the fighters to the respective state athletic commissions where the event is held which should include the win bonuses and these records showed that Mauricio Shogun Rua took home a staggering $ 240,000, which includes a win bonus of $ 70,000. And although Lyoto Machida took home $ 200,000, he did not get any win bonus, in spite of knocking out his opponent Ryan Bader in an almost one –sided affair.

Although the fighters of Mixed Martial Arts cannot bargain collectively nor have a union, the salaries that they get are still records of the public just like in all other sport in the United States of America. There are other undisclosed types of bonuses as well that a promoter might give to their fighter but that doesn’t make it to the records of the public.