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Evans wants to Beat Lyoto Machida

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

The first ever career loss in Mixed Martial Arts still haunts former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans, years after he was beaten by Lyoto Machida in one of the greatest matches in UFC history.

At the time of UFC 98, both Machida and Rashad Evans were undefeated in the company and flying high with Evans the champion in his division, an almost untouchable force. And when these two champion fighters met in the inside the octagon at UFC 98, the result of the bout was determined by one of the most brutal, if not the most, knockout in the history of the company.

And now that he has faced his second defeat in three years after his loss to Jon Jones, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion at UFC 145, the man they call Suga wants to return with a bang into the title picture of the 205 pound division. And amidst all that hoopla surrounding a return to the title picture, Evans has not forgotten the Brazilian Lyoto Machida, who handed him his first defeat at UFC 98.

Speaking to a radio station, Evans stated that he wants to avenge his loss to Jon Jones and knows that he will do that one day but admitted that he wants Machida badly and added that he wants to beat him before he calls time on his career. He went on to reveal that the loss to Machida left him in disbelief at the time as he could not fathom that he was defeat-able at that time.

But having gone through it, Evans badly wants to lay his hands on Lyoto Machida but might have to wait it out for some time with Machida slated to face off against Ryan Bader at UFC on FOX 4 in August, 2012.