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Monday, April 16th, 2012

Lyoto Machida is currently training himself to recover from the elbow injury after the loss to light heavy weight champion Jon Jones. He is constantly going through a fitness regime and hopes to become perfectly fit as soon as possible. However, once he reaches the fitness level, he does not want to waste any time thinking of his opponent and who he wants to fight. His is the basic reason why he managed to give his decision to fight Dan Henderson once he recovers back to full health and fitness.

The basic reason why the Dragon wants to fight Dan is because he feels that Dan is a legend in his sport. After the loss to the reigning champ Jon Jones, Lyoto Machida wants to fight someone who has been known in the arena for quite some time. Having to fight a legend like Dan will help him understand his level and it will be a match where Lyoto himself can judge his skills which will be put to test in the most rigid manner. Lyoto Machida should be fine in a few weeks and once he feels he is satisfied with him, he will ask for the fight. Moreover, he also has plans of entering the middle weight division and making a name for himself there as well. However before he manages to do anything, he needs that one win which will get him back the fame and popularity from his fans. And what better way to get it, than defeating the legend in the sport, Dan Henderson. The match will probably be scheduled in the month of April or May in all probability.

Henderson also has quite a few matches lined up in his list, where he will be fighting Antonio Rogerio, after which he will move on to fight Jon Jones. This is only if Rashad Evans backs out of the game and does not turn up for the event. The schedule for both these fighters needs to be planned accordingly so that both are in an agreement to fight it out on stage and get the fight started. It will definitely bring quite a huge crowd who will love to see the legend fight Lyoto Machida, known as the Dragon. Both of them are quite popular in their own ways and this is one of the reasons why there is going to be a huge fan following.