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Monday, February 6th, 2012

Lyoto Machida, the former UFC light heavy weight champion has recently been defeated by Jon Jones and this match created a great deal of controversy as Jon had just left the lifeless body of Machida on the ground after the submission win. There have been talks going around saying that Jon has been highly unprofessional and unsporting by trying to perform such an act. Lyoto Machida on the other hand has added to his number of losses which have turned out to be 3 so far out of the total 20 appearances that he has made. Out of the 17 wins 6 out them were ended by a knock out while the rest were just by submission or by decision.

Lyoto Machida made his debut with the UFC in his match against Sam Hoger at the UFC 67 and managed to end up in a victory. He went on to successively win future matches as well and hence began to create a name for him in the fighting industry.

Lyoto has developed a unique an unorthodox style when he fights in the MMA and makes use of a number of combined elements that he had picked up during his training in the early years.

His list of achievements and awards are quite a few in number and they have been achieved from a wide array of background which include those from Martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts. He has been awarded the 2009 MMA fighter of the year and also selected as the knockout of the night on three occasions. Besides these, Lyoto Machida has also won the Fight of the night award once and the Best fighter ESPN award in the year 2009. He has a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and a 3rd Dan Black belt in Shotokan Karate.