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Monday, December 19th, 2011

Lyoto Machida was considered by the MMA world to be an unstoppable force not so long ago in the light heavyweight division. His first claim to fame was his fight with Thiago Silva in which he knocked him out just moments away from the end of their fight. This was in the year of 2009, January. He then was given a shot at the UFC Light Heavyweight championship. Lyoto Machida pounced on this opportunity and knocked out Rashad Evans in the second round itself.

His knockout of Rashad Evans was commented upon by Joe Rogan as the dawn of the “The Machida Era”. It did look like he was going to reign over in his decision but that was put to end by the Mauricio Rua. He shattered the aura around Lyoto Machida and found the weak spots in his armour.

Machida then also lost a very close fight to Quinton Jackson which was considered by many to be his final nail in the coffin. He then gained back his reputation after a brilliant front face lick knockout of Randy Couture in the month of April. He then found himself facing Jones at the UFC 140 for the title. He announced that he was very determined to regain his title, having once tasted the sweet taste of being the number one in the business.

Lyoto Machida has been training very hard for the fight and has full confidence in himself. In order to win back the title he will have to face the 23 year sensation Jones, a very strong and formidable opponent. He is a very unorthodox fighter and his moves just cannot be predicted hence making the prospect of fighting him really difficult. Lyoto Machida has been quoted as saying that he has been studying his fights carefully on order to fully understand and comprehend what he is actually against.