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Lyoto Machida Says No

Friday, September 16th, 2011

It takes a very brave (or very stupid) man to stand up to Dana White, the head man at UFC (and no, I’m not calling Lyoto Machida stupid!)

When the top-man at UFC calls you begging for you to replace an injured colleague, offering you a top-place billing against one of the key Heavy-weight contenders, most people would jump at the chance.  (well, most UFC wrsetlers).  Machida decided to try and work it the other way, telling Dana he would only fight if he got a whole bunch of cash.  Needless to say White wasn’t very impressed, and his final offer supposedly didn’t reach Machidas valuation – and this must have been 6 ort 7 figures for one fight!

Instead of taking centre-stage next week, Machida will more than likely just be spectating like the rest of us.  His next UFC match has been cancelled because Phil Davis has an injury, which leaves him twiddling his thumbs and trying to find a reliable Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Stream like the rest of us!